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Alright. I know you don't care, and I don't really either. But... I'm gonna write this anyway, okay?
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This is one of the more poignant posts I’ve seen about this series.

There are many, many points I can make about this but I’ll address the most crucial and powerful one—

In times of war or hardships, the most important thing to remember is that we are all people.

Take away everything but the bare essentials of Harry and Draco and what do you see? Two boys trying desperately to carry out the duties given to them—the destinies they are told they must fulfill. Along the way they encounter hardships and loss. They experience happiness, sadness, and pain. They have friends, enemies, and family who care about them.

They’re both people.

They’re both boys.


Yeah, I mean, what silly, trashy children’s books…

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